BORSA Ltd. was founded in 1995 in the town of Septemvri with a subject of activity - manufacturing of bread and confectionery. Since then the company has managed to increase its activity and to build its own manufacturing department, designed according to all requirements. The department is equipped with high productive machines and a production line for confectionery. A system for control of the quality has been established. At the moment NASSR - safe and healthy conditions of labor and products is being established. 115 people work for the company and they have the necessary qualification. Some of them graduated from prestigious universities and others from vocational schools.

The most popular products at the market are Biscuits Assorty Diana; Biscuits Septemvri with Turkish delight; Syringe with chocolate Septemvri, Honey-cake with jam; Pastry Palm; Biscuits for coffee and others.

The company realizes its production with its own transport. Its main clients are whole-sale trader in the big towns in the country.


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